Hybrid cloud storage

Manage storage growth for primary, file sharing, archiving, and data protection with StorSimple and Microsoft Azure, the hybrid cloud storage solution from Microsoft. To learn more about hybrid cloud storage, download the free eBook "Rethinking Enterprise Storage: A Hybrid Cloud Model"

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Eliminate the need to ship backup tapes offsite

Instant savings of $10,000/yr

See how GF Health used the Hybrid Cloud Model to increase storage
StorSimple saves money by automatically archiving older data in the cloud
Paul Smith no longer has to use expensive SAN storage for this task

Avoid SAN storage fees

Save $140,000 + $50,000 on offsite storage costs and archival fees

See how MulvannyG2 gained huge scalability with hybrid cloud storage

To learn more about hybrid cloud storage, visit microsoft.com/storsimple

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